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Garry Sandt, District Manager - East National Coating & Supplies and Matt Dewalt President, Scotts Collision Centers. With the 2015 MSO Excellence in Material Management Awards.

Matt Dewalt President Scotts Collision Centers, Mike Anderson Collision Advice and Matthew McDonnell Of Big Sky Collision, With the 2015 MSO Excellence in Material Management Awards.

Press Release October 2015: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

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 2015 Excellence in Material Management Awards

Los Angeles, California, October 2015 – The first two of three awards were announced for Auto Body Repair shops achieving Excellence in Material Management.  One shop location is chosen in each of three categories, MSO (Multiple Shop Organizations), Independent single location Auto Body Repair shops and Fleet/Large vehicle repair centers.

Scotts Collision Center of Stroudsburg Pennsylvania has been chosen in the MSO category and Big Sky Collision of Billings Montana has been chosen in the independent shop category.  The selection process is not yet complete for the Fleet/Large vehicle repair centers.

Shops must meet high industry standards in order to be considered for these awards, including meeting or exceeding all environmental regulations, minimizing waste and using quality warranted paint materials. Shops are compared with six separate metrics that include measurements demonstrating the minimization of waste and environmental impact, cost control as measured in per RO and per refinish labor unit, and producing quality repairs. Their cumulative ranking in all six KPIs determined their rank within their peer group.

These shops were chosen out groups who 1) Agreed to have their KPIs compared within their respective group 2) Had their purchases submitted independently 3) Supplied several key sales inputs needed to complete the calculations 4) Material Management Reports compared for at least one year..  

2015 marks the first year that J. Hunter & Associates has presented these awards.  J. Hunter & Associates is an independent third party company that assists body Auto Body shops and PBE jobbers nationwide in managing material usage and the shop level. More information about J. Hunter & Associates can be found at their web site. www.LeanMaterialManagement.com.


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2016 Axalta Business Council Awards, Chicago, Il.

First row: Troy Weaver-Axalta, Mike Anderson-CollisionAdvice, Steve Kendrick-Kendrick Paint & Body, Charel Lock-Five Star Collision of Stone Mountain, Lisa Luke-Axalta Back row: Greg Lobsiger-Loren’s Body Shop, Jimmy Lefler-Lefler Collision & Glass, Matt Dewalt-Scott’s Collision Center, Tracy Bryant-Kendrick Paint & Body (Photo: Axalta)

"Axalta (NYSE: AXTA) executives also attended the event and presented the following CollisionAdvice awards to five Axalta customers: Best in Class – Accuracy went to Five Star Collision of Stone Mountain in Snellville, Georgia; Best in Class – Service (Tie) Kendrick Paint & Body Shop in Martinez, Georgia and Scott’s Collision Center, Inc. in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania; Best in Class – Speed went to Loren’s Body Shop Inc. in Bluffton, Indiana; and Best in Class – Paint Materials Management was awarded to Lefler Collision & Glass – Evansville North in Evansville, Indiana."   Excerpt from Business Wire (www.businesswire.com) May 2016

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